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You are you, and that's all you need to be
That feeling
When you lay in bed all alone, listening to your heartbeat.
Feeling your blood rush through your veins.
Just thinking, what if, I'm actually meant for something?
What if my life actually has purpose, and I'm just laying here.
Doing nothing about everything.
That moment
When something, or in some cases someone, gives you the slightest glimer of hope.
Right when you needed it the most.
But then you know, that one day they could just walk out on you like everyone else did.
Like all your other hope has.
That realization
When you begin to imagine the possibilities, of you maybe being okay on your own.
Maybe you don't need anyone.
Because even though you're alone, everyone you've ever known has given you confidence.
Given you strength. Hope. That's all you could ever ask for.
You know that you are meant for something.
Something amazing.
You will get what is coming to you, because you are great.
You are you, and that's all that you need to be.
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 2 1
This is untitled as of now
So I threw my heart out to sea,
watched it as it sank.
Because a busted up heart weighed more than I could take.
There's a war between my head and what used to be my heart,
brewing up a storm,
all alone and in the dark.
So now you have to choose,
 I don't have anything else left to lose.
If it hurts this much, then it must be love.
It's 3 AM and you're keeping me from closing these tired eyes,
The lights are dim and the music is slow.
Lately you've been so distant that it's hard to breathe.
I'll take your time in exchange for sleep any day, you keep these nightmares away,
and I'd hope that you'd feel the same way.
It's been lonely here.
So I threw my heart out to sea,
watched it as it sank.
Because a busted up heart weighed more than I could take.
There's a war between my head and what used to be my heart
, brewing up a storm,
all alone and in the dark.
So now you have to choose,
 I don't have anything else left to lose.
If it hurts this much, then it must be love.
Can you he
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 4 9
New ID time cause I don't know :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 0 1 Meh :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 0 11
Your Story
Tell me how your story goes,
Show me your scars, your bruises.
Have you ever hurt so deeply that you couldn't sleep at night?
What do you think about when you can't sleep at night?
Do you count sheep or,
Do you think about the future and your life.
Tell me what your worst fears are.
Or are you fearless?
I know you aren't.
Do you fear being alone?
I know I do.
What about death?
That too.
Tell me how you believe your story will end,
Do you live happily ever after?
Married with children?
Or does your life spiral out of control?
Alone with no place to call home.
Scars are deeper, bruises are even darker than ever before.
But everybody has to let go someday.
Have you ever thought about death?
I have.
And I'm increasingly aware of the pain of everyone around, but not the pain inside of me.
And I'm increasingly alarmed at how alive the world seems.
And I'm increasingly alive because of how much purpose is in everyone and everywhere.
And I'm increasingly afraid of failure, because you know I c
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 1 0
Hard Goodbyes, Even Harder Hellos
As i sit here and search the sea,
These thoughts are chlling me,
Because there's so much beauty in a storm,
and yet so much blown down and torn.
And no matter how long I long to find,
the exact date and the exact time
hoping that maybe one day I'd be fine
But you just won't leave my mind, but I can mostly smile now.
And I can sit here and say "yes I love you so".
But I can also stand here and know, that it was better to just let you go.
But even still, just so you know,
I will give your heart a place to rest, when everything and everyone has turned and left.
But I'm terrified of all the things I can feel but can't describe, and knowing that maybe I could be your not so perfect disaster, and you could be my hardest "hello again".
Because over and over I will fall for you,
And over and over I will try my hardest not to.
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 1 0
It's bad when you're drunk on love.
Cause then you're craving and addicted to something that's eventually going to run out, it's going to be gone.
And when that's gone, you're hungover, and that hangover won't end, it can't exactly be cured. You're addicted, you're gone, you're broken and you can't be fixed.
Being in love gives you purpose. It gives you something to do. You have something to prove, someone to hold onto, something to believe in. It' s almost sickening how many years of our lives might be centered around someone who could just walk out at any moment,  anytime of any day, of any week, of any month. They could just leave. Take your heart, take your emotions, take everything you've worked towards, everything you thought you could lean on, everything that you thought you could believe in.
Gone. Just like that, in the blink of an eye they're gone. That's when the hangover begins, the pain, the heartache and the trials you'll go through. The nights you'll spend crying, an
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 1 0
The Bitter sweetness of Love
I know you've heard a thousand other words that took your breath away..
But I have a million more to say to you,
And I know my thoughts are astray,
But The words may never come when I'm infront of you, I wrote you a letter the other day.
It talked about things I hope for you, I never mentioned myself once.
Because sometimes I feel like you'd never be happy with me, but with someone else.
Your happiness is of my only concern, and you are my only hope, my only want.
I know if things are meant to be, then they will be. But how do I know when it is, or isn't meant to be?
I guess that's the question a lot of people have about love.
I guess that's why love is so hard to find..cause when you love someone you won't ever give up, and then you never know if it is, or isn't mean to be.
I just want you to know I love you. I care about you, and I'd do anything for you.
Here's to me hoping for something that may never be, but that's the bittersweet part of love, and that's what makes this worthwhile
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 1 0
Better ID :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 1 2 Reflections :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 0 2
What does being alone feel like? I'm almost certain that every living creature has felt it, loneliness. But how would one describe it?
For me being alone is the exact same thing as it sounds. You feel alone but it doesn't mean you actually are. Being alone is feeling like no one's there when you really, really need them.  Being alone is breaking down in your room because you feel ashamed of how you feel, or selfish for feeling that way. Being alone is the sadness you feel late at night when the deafening silence of absolutely nothing could kill you.  It's asking God questions, but receiving no anwsers to them..but you still believe in him. Being alone is the kid you see standing off by themselves everyday at school. It's every single smile you faked, every tear that falls, every wave that washes up on the beach as you watch. Hoping one drags you out to sea with it. Being alone is every song you've cried to, every laugh you've forced, and every person you have left alone when
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 2 2
When I'm gone
When I'm gone
do not miss me.
I am the shadows on the wall,
I am the voice of reason telling you that they are harmless.
I am the darkness in the night,
But I am also the brightness of the sun.
I am the wind beneath an eagle's wings,
and I am the gentle rain drops in the still of night.
Please do not feel alone.
Because I know what that's like.
When I'm gone, you are never alone.
It just means I'm a little farther, but I'm also a little closer than I was,
Because I will always watch over you, and I am everywhere.
When I'm gone
Please don't miss me.
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 3 1
Me :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 3 5 Kinda abstract tree :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 0 7
So much More
You can't just drop it all at the door,
Cause there is so much more,
To this life
You just have to see the possibilities.
When nothing is constant, you have to be sure.
Your mind set, it's where it needs to be
You're just the same as you were.
When nothing is constant, you have to be sure.
Cause  you only ever get one chance for some things,
And sometimes jumping to conclusions is a good thing, because it makes you think big.
Cause there really is so much more here.
:iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 2 0
Deviant ID 2 :iconnobodynoteventhrain:NobodyNotEvenThRain 2 1


Mature content
Lust and Passion: Episode 3 :iconflaxington:Flaxington 8 18
white screen.
I'm staring at the floor, there's a dog staring at my shadow on the floor.
We spend our days on countless hours. Counting the countless dots that paint our picture.
Sometimes it's grey. Little kisses, planted in memories that never happened. But they did.
We don't see it. You don't see it. Hear the scream. Feel the agonizing sting, the shriek and fear implanted in the ones who are to lead us into battle, only to be killed. And so we welcome our deaths face first.
Hearts broken.
But was that enough? Lie dead on the floor and start counting for the seconds and minutes it will take you to notice that you're still alive..
We didn't want to die.
There is no escape. No easy way out..
You're sitting there. In your chair. A million thoughts fly through your head. Planting more obscene memories for tomorrow, when you wake up and get out of bed.
Only to keep on living and believing in a lie. That's all it ever was..
Just a lie to make you believe that living doesn't m
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 3 11
Bridge 2 :iconshawnisnotokay:Shawnisnotokay 11 0
I lied
I just told you I don't have feelings for you
I lied
every moment your on my mind
I hide it so well you believe me
now your staring at your phone in disbelief
I can see the tears rolling down your cheeks in disbelief
I hate that I hurt you
but its for the best
you would just get hurt worse
just like before
like every other time
:iconowen-sixes:owen-sixes 8 5
if only...
Depths of darkness take hold.
We're reminded to try and recognize that we cannot fly.
We don't have wings. only angels do. And fairies, butterflies the stuff of fairy tales.
We're shaken at the core of loneliness as darkness calls. We can't hide from our fears.
Growing up young, we learn to deal with the fear inside our chest. But we still haven't run the race yet.
We hear songs on the news all the time. Where young have died, and are now buried beneath the hot sun.
Can you hear their memories float to the surface of your pen? Would you write, and recreate based on recollection?
Bring them alive again. So that we can speak without restraint or warning. Where words mean so much.
Where I love you, is more than just a phrase. There is meaning in words. We try to fly in airplanes, try to touch the sky. But we can't.
We reach out and grab what isn't there.
What haunts our dreams, and darkest nightmares. We wish still, to fly.
To turn away from the darkness, where light and happiness c
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 4 4
Spiderman 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) Hoodie Concept :iconprathik:prathik 171 26 3D Drawing - Entrance to the dubious world :iconnagaihideyuki:NAGAIHIDEYUKI 204 26
Blue, green, brown, hazel.
An array of color.
An array of emotion. Pain, fear, shyness, trust, joy, happiness, hatred, anger, relief, stress. There is so much that two simple eyes can show. From shyness to complete confidence. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes, for more than a second. Have you ever looked closely? To see every color hiding within their masks of emotion.
Caught in a pair of eyes you halt everything your doing. Just to understand what is happening. Their face shows the perfect mask of a smile. But their eyes tell a different story. A story of love and pain. Of joy and hurt. Of anger and loss. The smile of a perfect mask. You look deeper, tears over many years. Fights, loss, gain, beauty and pain.
Captivated you want to move closer, but boundaries separate the two and there's nothing you can do to help or fix the situation. You just look on to the pair of eyes you've lost yourself in, blue as the sky, you cannot help but sway to an invisible wind, carrying yo
:iconrenlinxx:RenLinxx 2 0
True North :iconghostsanddecay:GhostsandDecay 6 1 The Lookout :iconmychemhead:mychemhead 5 10 nothing to no one but me :iconsarahcinematic:sarahcinematic 2 0 I Am Winter :iconmartinstranka:MartinStranka 1,952 77 Ravaged By Time :iconsilverlakephotos:silverlakephotos 11 0




Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey guys, I'm 18 and I'm a senior in high school. call me ray. I enjoy video games and skateboarding but i also play softball and basketball. Add me on steam Koala Bandit and Xbox 360 Koala Bandit and also add me on psn musicc4lifeee :D

Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Post-hardcore, Screamo, Indie, and Acoustic
Favourite photographer: EVERYONE ON DA!?
Favourite style of art: All Art is awesome.
Operating System: Asus windows 7
Shell of choice: Squirtle,ftw ^o^
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob, Finn the human and Jake the dog, Flapjack
Personal Quote: Life has many chapters for us, one bad chapter doesn't mean it's the end of the book

:iconparamorestamp1plz::iconparamorestamp2plz: League Of Legends Stamp by simoverde :iconimgoodinbed1plz::iconimgoodinbed2plz: Basketball Player Stamp by Wearwolfaa
:iconisolipstmp1plz::iconisolipstmp2plz: Gamer Stamp by ClefairyKid Buccaneers Team Logo by TheStampKing Born Awesome by postmortumm
:iconsquirtlelovestamp1::iconsquirtlelovestamp2: :thumb157407206:
:iconps3plz1::iconps3plz2: :thumb344990084: i love fries by jurgs88
Night time is Best time by flowerflowerpower Dreams Stamp by rebelnijamaster MT Stamp by Harka Squirtle 007 by Cre8-Terror
League of Legends: Lulu Stamp by immature-giraffe WALL-E Stamp: Out There by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Stamp: Nothing Is Impossible by catloversjt
nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa WALL-E Stamp: Oh Hell No by XxoOjunefoxOoxX :thumb135287104:
Okay, first all.

*Takes a deep breath* UGGGHHHHHH F**K SCHOOL.

PSAT was like in October or whenever the hell it was. Fcat writes was like last month. The actual damn Fcat is in two weeks. We have until May 14th to go over 8 chapters for the geometry EOC. Not mention the fact that I haven't passed the damn Algebra I EOC yet. What the actual eff is with all this damn standarized testing!? 

But I'm passing all of my classes. Including Anatomy and Physiology! :#1:

Plus, guess who's taking driver's ed???
:headbang:  :ambulance:

To top it all off, the 24th of this month is my 8 month anniversary with the best boyfriend I think I could have ever asked for. He makes it all worth while. I'm very thankful for him.  
:happybounce: :hump:

Till next time!
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